Following are some of the top Australian universities for chemistry:

Monash University
- The University's School of Chemistry is one of the leading teaching and research schools in Australia. It is affiliated with a number of important research centres, is host to the ARC Centre for Green Chemistry and the Water Studies Centre.
- Monash is ranked 51-75th in Shanghai's Jiao Tong Index for Chemistry (2009), the highest by any Australian University. Monash is the leading institution and one of only three Australian universities ranked in the global top 100 for Chemistry, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). The ARWU annually grades over 1000 institutes on six objective indicators including the number of highly cited researchers, the number of articles published in the journals Nature and Science and the per capita performance with respect to the size of the institution.

The University of New South Wales
- UNSW is one of only three Australian universities ranked in the global top 100 for Chemistry, according to the ARWU 2009.
- The School of Chemistry has particularly strong collaborative links locally, nationally, and internationally. Research in the School is focussed into the broad areas of: Molecular Devices, Biological and Chemical Catalysis, and Bioactive Molecules.

University of Sydney
- The School of Chemistry is recognised as one of the top Chemistry Schools in Australia. It is also the oldest, with the establishment of the Chair of Chemistry and Experimental Physics in 1851.
- The Honours program in the School of Chemistry provides the opportunity to be involved in a research program and provides training in research techniques and experience with modern research instrumentation. An Honours degree may lead to the opportunity to proceed to a postgraduate degree (MSc / PhD), with financial support from an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or other postgraduate scholarship.

The University of Melbourne
- The School of Chemistry is one of the largest and oldest in the country with a distinguished history in teaching and research. It is a department of the Faculty of Science.
- The School of Chemistry is a key participant in Bio21, a major world-class biotechnology initiative in Victoria.
- The School is also a founding member of the Victorian Institute for Chemical Sciences (VICS).
- The School has strong international research reputation and an outstanding record in attracting research funding.
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