What are the Top Colleges in America? You can find the report of Top 20 schools in 62 categories, published by The Princeton Review's annual college guide "The Best 368 Colleges" (2009 Edition). The ranking lists are based on the survey of 120000 students.

The Princeton Review says Clemson has the happiest students and is the Number One "Jock School" among all universities in the Best 368 Colleges. Clemson is also ranked in the Top 10 in other categories: 2nd for Town-Gown Relations, 6th for Best Quality of Life, 7th for Best Athletic Facilities, 7th for Students Pack the Stadiums, 8th for Everyone Plays Intramural Sports, and 8th for Best Career/Job Placement Services.

Following are the top American colleges (ranked No. 1 in each category):

Students Who Study the Most:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Happiest Students:
Clemson University

Least Happy Students:
United States Merchant Marine Academy

Best Classroom Experience:
Stanford University

Best Career and Job Placement Service:
Northeastern University

Diverse Student Population:
Baruch College -- City University of New York

Most Politically Active Students:
American University

Best Athletic Facilities:
University of Maryland at College Park

Best Financial Aid:
Princeton University

Party Schools:
University of Florida

Another School Rankings from US News & World Report - "America's Best Colleges":
Harvard tops the ranking in 2009 America's Best Colleges guidebook, ahead of Princeton (2nd) and Yale (3rd).

US News ranking of Top 10 national universities:
1. Harvard
2. Princeton
3. Yale
4. MIT
4. Stanford
6. CIT
6. Penn
8. Columbia
8. Duke
8. Chicago
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Anonymous - August 7, 2009 at 7:46 AM

How is CIT and Penn above Columbia?? Penn was always a lower ranking Ivy League, very surprised to see this above my alma mater..oh well, still great schools.

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