US Mathematics Rankings 2009 by Specialty:-

Mathematics Rankings by Algebra/Number Theory/Algebraic Geometry

1 Princeton University, NJ
2 Harvard University, MA
3 University of California–Berkeley, CA
4 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI
5 University of Chicago Chicago,IL
6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
7 Yale University New Haven, CT
8 Columbia University New York, NY
9 Stanford University Stanford, CA
10 University of California–Los Angeles, CA

Mathematics Rankings by Rankings: Applied Math

1 New York University-New York, NY
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Cambridge, MA
3 California Institute of Technology,Pasadena, CA
   University of California–Los Angeles,Los Angeles, CA
5 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities,Minneapolis, MN
6 Brown University-Providence, RI
7 Princeton University-Princeton, NJ
   University of California–Berkeley,CA
9 Stanford University,CA
   University of Texas–Austin,TX

Mathematics Rankings by Rankings: Geometry

1 Harvard University,MA
2 Princeton University, NJ
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology,MA
   Stanford University,CA
   University of California–Berkeley, CA
6 SUNY–Stony Brook, NY
7 Columbia University, NY
8 University of Pennsylvania, PA
9 University of Chicago,IL
10 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, MI
     Yale University New Haven, CT

Mathematics Rankings by Rankings: Analysis

1 Princeton University, NJ
2 University of California–Berkeley, CA
3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
4 University of California–Los Angeles, CA
5 New York University, NY
6 University of Chicago, IL
7 Harvard University, MA
   University of Wisconsin–Madison, WI
9 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, MI
10 University of Texas–Austin, TX

Mathematics Rankings by Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
2 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick, NJ
   University of California–Berkeley, CA
4 University of California–San Diego, CA
   University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, MI
6 Princeton University,NJ
7 Georgia Institute of Technology,GA
8 University of California–Los Angeles,CA
9 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign,IL
10 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, MN

Math Specialty Rankings: Logic

1 U of California–Berkeley,CA
2 U of California–Los Angeles,CA
3 U of Wisconsin–Madison,WI
4 Cornell U, NY
   University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign,IL
6 Carnegie Mellon U,PA
   Stanford U,CA
   U of Chicago,IL

Mathematics Rankings by Topology

1 U of California–Berkeley,CA
2 Princeton Univ,NJ
3 Harvard Univ, MA
4 U of Chicago,IL
5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology,MA
6 Columbia Univ,NY
7 U of Texas–Austin,TX
8 Stanford Univ, CA
9 Yale Univ CT
10 Cornell Univ NY
     U of Michigan–Ann Arbor, MI

Mathematics Rankings by Statistics

1 Stanford Univ, CA
   U of California–Berkeley, CA
3 U of North Carolina–Chapel Hill, NC
4 Harvard Univ, MA
5 Iowa State Univ, IA
6 Duke Univ, NC
   U of Chicago, IL
   U of Washington, WA

Source: US News and World Report 2009

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Anonymous - May 3, 2009 at 9:36 AM

Thanx! Really helpful! Columbia isn't as good in math as I thought it would be!

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