Princeton Review releases its annual rankings of the top colleges in the United States in over 50 categories. Ranking lists include Most Conservative Students, Most Liberal Students, Most Politically Active Students, Least Religious Students, Best Athletic Facilities, Great College Town, Best Career / Job Placement Services, Top Stone-Cold Sober School, Best Classroom Experience, etc.

In partnership with USA Today, The Princeton Review has produced the listings of Best Value Public Colleges and Private Colleges. It also partnered PC Magazine to rank the top twenty most "wired " (or the most technology savvy) colleges.

Following are some of the top performers in the Princeton Review Rankings:

- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the Number One most wired campus in the US, followed by Kansas State University (2nd) and University of Utah (3rd).

- The University of Florida was named the No. 1 party school in the US, followed by University of Mississippi (2nd) and Penn State University (3rd).

- Swarthmore College was named the No. 1 "Best Value" private college by The Princeton Review, ahead of Ivy League schools such as Harvard (2nd) and Princeton (3rd).

- In The Princeton Review Law School Rankings, Loyola Law School is rated 1st for "Best Classroom Experience", while Brigham Young University rated 1st in the "Most Competitive Students category".

- In the Best Business Schools Rankings 2008, Mercer University is rated 1st for "Greatest Opportunity for Women", while Howard University rated 1st for "Greatest Opportunity for Minority Student".

- The University of North Carolina Wilmington was named among the "Best in the Southeast" by The Princeton Review 2009. It is one of the nation's 50 "Best Value" public colleges and universities.

- Truman State University is one of America's top colleges, ranked 2nd best value for public universities and 17th in the "Students Happy With Financial Aid" category in 2009.

- Southern Wesleyan University is named as a Best Southeastern College in the 2009 edition of annual college guide “The Best 368 Colleges”.

- Middlebury College is ranked among the Top 10 in the following categories in 2009: 1st for "professors get high marks", 4th for "school runs like butter", 8th for "quality of life", 8th for "best classroom experience", and 8th for "students study the most".

- University of Virginia achieved high rankings in "The Best 368 Colleges" guide 2009, rated 1st in the list of best-value public undergraduate colleges, 9th for Best Career/Job Placement Services, and 19th for Best College Library. In the 2009 edition of "Best 174 Law Schools", the University of Virginia’s School of Law is placed 1st in the "Quality of Life" category, 3rd in Best Career Prospects, 4th in "Professors Rock" (Legally Speaking), and 5th in "Best Classroom Experience".
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